We are all heroes of our own journeys

While our paths are different, our destination beyond space and time is the same. A journey of no time or distance. The journey is one of awakening from the dream we call reality to the true nature of our being that is absolute and transcendent of the world we are born in. It is a journey of the soul. As we are all unique individuals, we are all unique souls dreaming the dream of duality or opposites. In the ultimate reality there are no opposites. There is only the One and each of us are projections of love emanating from the One that is beyond space, beyond time, beyond comprehension, beyond description, beyond attributes that is sometimes thought of or referred to as the Void or God.
Each of us collectively is part of a unified all encompassing consciousness or the Son. This is often referred to as the Higher Self, the Self of all individual souls or selves, and in the among Christians it is known as the Holy Spirit. Christ referred to himself as the Son of God. Yet we are all Son’s of God and the Higher Self is our Guide on our journey of awakening or “Atonement”, at-one-ment.
The life we experience in our physical realm is part of our soul’s journey of awakening. It is through the lessons we learn and experience here in this world that we grow spiritually and eventually awaken to the true nature of our reality. There is no heaven and there is no hell. There are different realms or planes of existence that become finer and more subtle as we approach the highest levels of consciousness. Our physical bodies are the clothes that give our souls form to allow us to communicate and interact with each other. Like everything in the physical world, our bodies are subject to time, aging, corruption and decay. But the purity of our souls is eternal, timeless, ageless and incorruptible.
Joseph Campbell, the eminent 20th century mythologist, used the analogy of our lives are like school. At the end of the semester, if we do well and pass, we get to go on summer vacation. In Christian parlance, this would be heaven. And if drop out or we don’t do so well, then we have to go to summer school to make up the work and get caught up. A psychologist once told me suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I replied, it was a temporary solution to a permanent problem. If we commit suicide, it’s like dropping out and then when we come back or reincarnate it’s like summer school were by analogy, we have to make up the entire semester in the short summer school period or we have to go back and repeat the entire year and don’t get to progress on. Someone of told me when you commit suicide, in the next life you not only have to learn the lessons of that lifetime. But you also have to make up all that you missed during the past lifetime when you committed suicide.
A student once asked a Master how many lives have we had in the past or how many times have we incarnated. The Master replied if you took all the bones from all our past lives and put them in a single pile it’s height would surpass the mountains. Our souls didn’t begin the journey as human beings but as the lowest life forms. We had to incarnate many many times to transition through all the stages of life forms to take on the life as a human. Animals have souls too, theirs are just not as evolved as ours. That is one reason why we should respect all life. Not all humans have the same level of consciousness or soul evolution.
Our lives are not random. There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is so our souls can evolve. This world is ruled by the laws of karma and cause and effect. The goal is not to have “good” karma. But to have no karma were our karmic bank accounts are zero. Karma is balanced over many lifetimes. When ever we harm another, we incur a karmic debt that must be balanced. If we murder someone, then at some point they will need to murder us to even the score. When Jesus told us to love God with all our heart, mind and soul and love our neighbors as ourselves he was pointing to the path we must follow on our journey back to God. He went on to say, we should also love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Our enemies are here to provide the opportunity to balance our karmic accounts.
A close spiritual friend of mine, who opened up many doors for me on our spiritual path together, once told me this story. A long time ago, there were two peoples who were hostile and violently fought one another. At one point, an enemy was captured and put into prison. The prisoner had a guard that kept the prisoner until his life ended. In the next lifetime, the prisoner and the guard came back in different forms and because of their past karma, they were attracted to one another. One was a man and the other was a woman and they ended up marrying and becoming husband and wife. But in this lifetime, the roles were reversed. The former prisoner was now the husband and the former guard was his wife. The husband fiercely guarded his wife and literally kept her a prisoner and she was subjugated and forced to serve him all the days of her life. And in the next lifetime, this continued with the roles reversed. My friend told me this couple were her parents.
When I thought about it and looked at my own parents lives, it seemed they were may have married under some karmic debt. Theirs seemed to be a love/hate relation. They fought constantly and would try to manipulate one another. I swore I would rather not marry than to live in a marriage like theirs. But I did finally marry, and I can’t help but look on my spouse with suspicion and wonder how many lifetimes we may have been together loving and fighting. It would seem though all marriages are supposedly made in heaven, the goal my be different from the one we esteem. So there you have karma. On the street they say what goes around comes around. When I was little, my grandmother would tell me when you cast your bread upon the waters it would come back to you in so many days. This puzzled me as I tried to make sense of it. I would just look at her and think, if you throw u bread in the water and it got all soaked and sogey with nasty water, why would you want it back. Of course, she was saying as you give so you receive or you reap what you sow. Jesus often used the analogy of sowing seeds. So be aware of the seeds that you sow because you shall reap the harvest. Whether you sow love or if you sow hate you will reap the harvest whether in this lifetime or the next.