Live, Learn, Love

June 28, 2018

We are here to live as long as we can, learn all that we can and love all that we can. Our purpose is to grow and be perfected in love. A life is a precious thing. It should not be taken for granted. The New Testament tells us our bodies are the temple of our soul. We are holy even as our Creator is Holy. We should treat our bodies with love and respect. Warren Buffet once is quoted as having said something to the effect if a you got a car when you turned 16 and were told it would be the only car you’d ever own, you’d baby that car and take the best care of it possible. When you are born, you are given a body. It’s the only body you’ll ever have in this lifetime. How well do you take care of your body? A lot of seniors comment if they had known they’d live this long when they were younger they would have taken better care of themselves.
Of course, when we’re young a year seems like forever. As children, we act like we’ll live forever. We do risky things and take risky chances. We do a lot of stupid thoughtless things. Smoking and doing drugs are some of them. I was very young when I started smoking even though it was common knowledge that smoking caused cancer. I reasoned with all the advances in modern medicine they would find a cure for cancer long before I had to worry about cancer. Yet today cancel and heart disease attributed to smoking are still some of the leading causes of death. Needless to day, I quit smoking.
Most of the health problems facing us today are lifestyle choices. We don’t exercise, over eat, indulge in cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and wonder why we have heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When it comes to health problems, we seem to think it will happen to everyone else and not to us. But here again we face cause and effect. Some of us are born more prone to health problems like heart disease and cancer and that is perhaps our karma. We don’t want to accept that we have choices. Just like poor lifestyle choices lead to early death. Good lifestyle choices can lead to good health and long life. When you’re not healthy, it’s hard to enjoy life.
The older we are, they more memories and life experiences we have to draw upon to form judgments and decisions. In times past and even in many cultures today, the elderly were revered for their judgement and wisdom. The graybeards and the old wives were they ones who were turned to for answers. As we age, things we once esteemed and thought were so important seem less so. That flashy new gas guzzler that awed us in our youth seems like a foolish, wasteful, extravagance. Most of us tend to mellow out. The things we said no to our children, we say yes to our grandchildren. Instead of loving to party night all night long, we are more inclined to spend a quiet evening at home.
We seemingly enter this world naked and alone and leave it naked and alone. But that isn’t entirely true. We enter with family and relationships and leave it with family and relationships. While some of the relationships are good and some are bad. They are the ones we take with us whether forged by love and friendship or enmity and hate.

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